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The Social Golfer online golf handicap service provides a free, quick, and effortless way for Golf Club members and non-club members alike, to record and analyse their scores. 

Additionally, it is a great tool for Golf Group and Golf Society Organisers.

A golf handicap is a numerical measure of a golfer’s playing ability, used to level the playing field when golfers with different skill levels compete against each other. 

It is the ideal way to quantify a golfer’s potential based on their past performance and give the player the proof needed when entering Open golf competitions. 

Essentially, your Golf Handicap Index is your passport to the world of golf!

Here we give you a detailed overview of what a golf Handicap is, how it is calculated, and what the benefits of tracking your golf handicap are.

Finally, we explain how our Handicap Calculator follows the guidelines as laid down by the USGA and the R&A.

Free Online Golf Handicap Certificate

Track your golf scores online using our free handicap tracking calculator

Get a golf handicap using The Social Golfer handicap system

  • Easily monitor your golf scores with The Social Golfer Handicap Index Tracking Calculator.
  • Monitor your progress and watch how your Handicap Index changes every time you play.
  • Submit your score from ANYWHERE in the world, not just in your home country.

Free Golf Handicap Tracker

  • Get a recognised golf handicap online golf handicap, free of charge.
  • Simply submit up to eight scorecards to The Social Golfer Handicap tracker system.

Handicap Calculator

  • Track & maintain your golf handicap online with our easy-to-use free online golf handicap calculator. 
  • This will provide you with a recognised golf handicap & proof of your social playing handicap.

Golf Handicap Index

  • Find out your Handicap Index allowing you to obtain a more realistic course handicap for days out and rounds at clubs you visit.

Printable Golf Handicap Certificate

Group/Society Handicaps

  • Track ALL the Handicaps of your society members all in one place. 
  • Set up and run your own Golf Society Group page. Meaning, no more searching for email addresses and WhatsApp telephone numbers.


What is a Golf Handicap?

The handicap system allows players of varying skill levels to compete on an equal basis.

The lower the handicap, the better the golfer. Golf handicaps are expressed as a number, usually in the form of one decimal point (e.g., 10.4).

A golfer with a lower handicap index is more skilled than a golfer with a higher handicap.

Here is how it works:

  1. Calculation: Handicaps are calculated based on a golfer’s recent scores (the best 8 rounds from your last 20). The calculation involves considering the difficulty of the courses played using the Slope and Course Rating, and it aims to represent a golfer’s potential ability rather than their average score.
  2. Use in Competition: When golfers with different handicaps play against each other, the handicap system allows for a fair competition. The higher-handicapped player receives strokes on certain holes to offset the skill difference.
  3. Improvement Tracking: A golf handicap is dynamic and changes over time as a player’s performance improves or declines. It provides a useful measure for tracking progress and skill development.
  4. Standardisation: The handicap system is a universal global algorithm, allowing golfers to have a consistent measure of their playing ability regardless of where they play.

Why Use The Social Golfer Handicapping System

  • Firstly, it is Free (up to 8 rounds a year)
  • Secondly, it follows the Handicapping Guidelines with pin-point accuracy (can you see what we did there!)
  • Unlike other systems, the site updates instantly, no hanging around till midnight to find out what your adjustment is.
  • You can adjust PPC (Playing Conditions Calculator) at any time
  • Most importantly, you can submit a scorecard from any golf course around the world.
Golfers - Paul Houghton (Handicap Secretary), Richard Scott, Mark Crane - The Soicla Golfer Members

What our members say:

“For those of us who do not have loads of golfing friends, The Social Golfer is a fantastic way to play golf regularly with a great bunch of people. It is easy to track your Handicap and create and join games. There are “Major” competitions organised by TSG which are great and played, for me, in the right spirit: fun but serious (there are trophies to win!).”  Pete Mayo (Cheshire)

The Social Golfer! Well, I have been a member since its launch, and I am still a major fan. The website is easy to navigate, and the people you meet are excellent with a shared interest. Totally, I would recommend The Social Golfer to anyone, and the regular competitions are genuine fun. Join as a group or a single, male, female does not matter. I cannot recommend it enough. Hit the join button” – Gary Wilson (Kent)

The Social Golfer Membership Tiers

Is The Social Golfer Handicap ‘Official’?

Probably, one of the most frequent questions we are asked. Unfortunately, the only way to hold an ‘Official Golf Handicap’ is via your governing body. In the UK these are administered by England Golf, Wales Golf, Scotland and in Northern Ireland by Ireland Golf.  

However, golf is the ONLY sport in the world, whereby the ‘scoring’ system is only considered legitimate if calculated by an official sporting organisation i.e. unless it is tracked by your club or your national body, it is not official.

Why is this and does it matter? Well firstly, in the UK, England Golf receives a fee from all their members for their handicap Index. It is approx. £25 per annum per player. Alternatively, non-members can use their smart phone app, which is £44 per year.  

So, it would seem this is a revenue driver for them. The good news is that event if you upgrade to our HANDICAP membership, it is approx. half the price you will pay with them. e.g. ONLY £20 per year.


By Ian Mullins