Get a Golf Handicap Certificate with The Social Golfer…

Looking to track your current playing ability using The Social Golfer Handicap Index? 

Want a printable official Golf Handicap Certificate?

The Social Golfer handicapping analysis system allows you to calculate your WHS handicap certificate after every game.

In addition, every time you enter a scorecard, it is automatically entered into our monthly TSG league table.

Our bespoke Golf Handicapping System tracks your best 8 scores from your last 20 rounds. 

Taking into account your current Handicap Index, Course Rating and slope.

Our golf handicap tracker also calculates a Course Handicap, and your Playing Handicap using your Score Differential after every round.

Furthermore, if you are playing in official golf events, you can retrospectively change the PCC (Playing Conditions Calculation) metric. Just edit your scorecard and make a final score adjustment when you have it

The Social Golfer Handicap Certificate - Example

Offcial Golf Handicap Certificate at The Social Golfer

How To Get a Golf Handicap Certificate

Submitting your scores is just one part of the golf handicap certificate process.

You can also track your scores, establish a handicap certificate, and study your progress using our unique game analysis tools (coming soon).

However, what is unique about our handicapping system is that TSG allows you to submit scorecards from ANYWHERE in the world, not just your home country courses!

And of course, once you have your new shiny new TSG Golf Handicap Certificate, you can join The Social Golfer Major Events.

Every year the TSG Team organises FOUR TSG Major golf events. 

These include the TSG Masters, TSG Par 3 Championship, TSG OPEN Championship, and the TSG Matchplay tournament played across the summer months from April to September.

Visit The TSG Majors Page >

Oh, and we are half the price of iGolf (England Golf’s Official Golf Handicapping System) targeted at and perfect for Nomadic Golfers.

Compare Prices (as of 1st March 2023)…

  • iGolf = £44 pa
  • The Social Golfer = £20 pa

You do the Math!