Get a Golf Handicap Certificate with TSG …


When you first take up the game of golf, you quickly find that one of the first things ‘other’ golfers asks you is “What’s your Golf Handicap?”

Of course, if you’ve only just taken up the game, the chances are you won’t have one, but that’s where TSG can help …

TSG Golf Handicap Certificate

TSG Golf Handicap Certificate

Handicapping – How does it work…

We have worked hard to establish a tried and tested formula on the site, in order that golfers of any standard can calculate their golf handicap with very little effort…

The TSG Handicap Tracker allows you to enter in your scorecard after every round (hole by hole). After taking into account the course layout, the course SSS (Standard Scratch Score), and your existing Golf Handicap – this starts at 28 for men and 36 for women.

It will then deduce what your new handicap is, after every round.

The TSG Handicap Certificate can be found (and printed) under the My Handicap Menu tab on the main Members page.

Is the TSG Handicap Certificate accepted at golf clubs?

This certificate is widely accepted by golf clubs and golf courses all over the world and at the time of going to press, we have never heard of anyone having been refused entry with it.

Of course, our certificate is not authenticated by CONGU. This is because The Social Golfer does not own a golf course, but otherwise, the certificate is calculated using the same calculation.

Handicaps -Tracking Your Game…

The TSG Handicap Tracker can not only produce you a Golf Handicap Certificate once you have entered your scores, the TSG system will also allow you to track your scores over time AND allow you to compare your stats with your friends and your fellow TSGers.

Keep track of your Putts, Bunkers, Lost balls, and much more.

All of your stats are recordable and with gentle analysis, this will help to understand which parts of your game need improvement and which area of your game is taking shape.

Many TSGers now use this system to keep their entire golfing history in one place.

We have continued to update the system with new improvements and sections and will continue to respond to all requests from our members on how to improve it.

However, if you’re looking for an affordable and accurate way of tracking your golf handicap, look no further than TSG.

TSG Golf Handicap Tracker

TSG Golf Handicap Tracker

Is it accurate?

Well, that’s open to debate! We believe adamantly that a TSG Golf Handicap Certificate is actually MORE accurate and reflective of your playing standard than a standard CONGU Club handicap.

Why? Well, the TSG system lets you enter in a score EVERY time you play.

In addition, whilst many of our members are club members, almost all will tell you that their TSG Handicap is lower than the one provided by their club and therefore more ‘in tune’ with their playing ability.

Of course, the TSG certificate is not accepted in club competitions but it is accepted at ALL TSG events and even some well-known amateur tours.

How much does it cost?

The TSG Golf Handicap Certificate and Handicap Tracking are included in the TSG annual PRO membership subscription fee of £24.99 (2015).

Start tracking your Golf Handicap today!

By Ian Mullins