GoGoGo Sport Golf Range Review

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GoGoGo Sport Golf Range includes Rangefinders, Golf Bags, and Golf Towels…

Rangefinders have quickly become a must-have item in any golfer’s bag. Although, the benefits are most widely found among golfers with handicaps of twenty-four or less.

Gogogo Sport, as a brand, entered the market back in 2021. And has quickly established itself as one of the best and most affordable rangefinders on the market.

However, heir whole product range is very ‘easy on the eye’ and built to withstand the daily rough and tumble of any golfer.

We look at the entire range of products they offer and rate each one…

Gogogo SPORT Vpro Rangefinder

Arguably, the most popular in the range is the Gogogo Sport Vpro.

This can be used from 650 Yards with Slope On/Off (not even Bryson DeChambeau can drive that far!).

It can be used in competition (subject to local event rules) and comes with a Fast Flag-Lock with Pulse, which is very useful. 

Core functions include:

Gogogo Sport Rangefinders VPRO model
  • SLOPE FUNCTION – Activate the Slope Function with a switch on the side where it also shows you the angles and distance to the curve of the ball.
  • ACCURACY – It measures the actual distance to the hole taking in to account the slope of the course too. Works up to +/- 20 degrees and can be turned off in tournament mode of course to make this device tournament legal.
  • FLAGSTICK LOCK – The Gogogo Sport Vpro rangefinder vibrates when it targets the flag and displays a reading. The flagpole locking function works to a distance of up to 150 metres.
  • DESIGN – The ergonomically shaped outer case fits even better in your hand. The unit is compact (106 x 40 x 72 mm) and lightweight at only 184g.
  • OPTICS – The Multi-coated optical lenses effectively reduce light reflection and increase light transmission, giving you a brighter, clearer image. Diopters are adjustable for precise focus on the display. All units are also dustproof, waterproof, and moisture-resistant.

In summary…

I have been using this rangefinder for over a year now and I cannot speak more highly of it. 

Arcuate, good to look at, and very well priced. I could not live without it now!

TSG VERDICT = 5 out of 5

GoGoGo Sport Vpro Stand Bag

One of the newer products available in the Gogogo Sport golf equipment range is the stand-bag. This comes with a multitude of pockets, clips, carry harness and all in a strong and robust materials.

The Gogogo Sport Vpro golf stand-bag has the usual 14-way, full-length dividers. But also comes with a lightweight rain cover and adjustable straps.

Although only available in black, red, and white at the moment, I have no doubt the Gogogo Team will look at adding alternative colour options at a later date. 

Core functions include:

GoGoGo Sport Golf Stand bag - The Social Golfer
  • SIZE & PORTABILITY – This golf bag is available in a standard size but it’s lightweight at only 2.7 kg. Whilst not the lightest on the market, it’s light enough for what I need.
  • DESIGN AND QUALITY – As with the Gogogo Sport products above, the build quality is excellent. Plenty of dry-proof zips space for storage and a handy metallic strip for your rangefinder. it would seem with the 9 pockets, they have thought of everything the average golfer would need.
  • USABILITY – The Stand bag also comes with a handy Glove Holder, and Umbrella Holder. There are places for Divot tools, pens, and most importantly tees. In addition, the bag also has a Putter Sleeve, to keep it apart from the rest of your clubs.

In summary…

Well-made and thoughtfully designed, this bag is comparable with other on the market right now. I particularly like the no. of pockets and the area on which you can attach other items e.g. the Rangefinder magnet. However, as mentioned, I would like to see it available in multiple colours.

N.B. There is a Tour Bag option available too with 11 pockets. It is built with a robust structure for using on and off Push Trolleys and Buggies.

TSG VERDICT = 4 out of 5

Gogogo Sport Vpro Golf Towel

Essentially, the Gogogo Sport Vpro Microfiber golf towel is one of the new style cleaning solutions for your golf bag.

The towel comes in a good-looking and symmetrical waffle pattern including an ultra-strong magnet for attaching to your golf bag or golf buggy.

The Microfiber material provides superior water absorption and therefore, a faster drying time.

Core functions include:

  • MATERIALS & DESIGN – A modern waffle texture and microfiber magnetic golf towel is made of high-quality material that effectively cleans your clubs and removes dirt, grass, and sand.
  • USABILITY – The magnetic strip allows for easy attachment to your golf cart or bag. Or any metal surface. And the extra strong mesh to give added effectiveness when cleaning clubs.
  • WARRANTY – This towel comes with a 1-year warranty. So, you can trust that it will withstand multiple washes without losing its shape or colour.

In summary…

Well-made and thoughtfully designed, there is nothing to dislike about the product.

However, as with the stand-bag, I would like to see more colour options available to golfers.

TSG VERDICT = 4 out of 5

Where to Buy and After Sales Care & Returns Policy

All Gogogo Sport golf range is available either through its website www.gogogosport.com or via its Amazon store.

As well as providing golfers with – what I consider to be – very well-made products in stylish designs, their after-sales service is also superb.

During the writing of this review, it was necessary to contact their team several times, and each time they responded within 24 hours.

Therefore, I am very pleased to report that having taken the time to review these golf products, and tested them in real live environments 

e.g. On the course, I would have no hesitation in buying from this brand!


By Ian Mullins


N.B. The Social Golfer was not paid for this review, and we have no affiliate links with the brand.

However, having shared this review with their marketing team, they have offered our members a discount on all products of 5%.

This can be redeemed via their website using the code: TheSocialGolfer2022