The Social Golfer – Leaderboard Winners…

Want to see how you compare to your fellow TSGers each month by competing to be one of our monthly leaderboard winners?

Every month TSGers who enter their scorecards into The Social Golfer Handicap Calculator system, automatically have their rounds entered into our monthly leaderboard league table.

How It Works

Once signed up to either our TSG HANDICAP or PRO membership tier and upon entering TEN cards, you will be eligible for the monthly competition. 

Each month, the highest scorecard submission will be ranked by Stableford points, with the eventual winner receiving the much coveted TSG GREEN TOWEL! 

As a member of The Social Golfer, you can enter our major golf tournaments each year by upgrading your annual membership to PRO status.

The Social Golfer Leaderboard Winners of All Time

The TSG Scorecard League Table was first introduced in February 2011 and has been won by more than 70 members at one time or another. 

Most wins ever include:

  • 7 Wins– Andy Attard
  • 5 Wins– David Jacobs & Roger Ireland
  • 4 Wins– Nev Smith & Peter Walton
  • 3 Wins– John Barber, Jonathan Knowles & Phil Boyd
  • 2 Wins– Andrew Turnbull, Brian Scott, Claire Sills, Dave Allchorne, Dave Johnson, Gary Wilson, Mark Crane, Mark Tucknott, Michael Roos, Paul Smith, Roger Allsop, Roger Dickson, Roland Avery, Ron Jackman, Steve Diamon, Steve Holloway and Steve Maggs

The Social Golfer Leaderboard Winners (by Year)

Winners in 2024…

Dec-24 TBC 
Nov-24 TBC 
Oct-24 TBC 
Sep-24 TBC 
Aug-24 TBC 
Jul-24 TBC 
Jun-24 TBC 
May-24 TBC 
Apr-24 TBC 
Mar-24 TBC 
Feb-24 TBC 
Jan-24 Matt Heath45

Winners in 2023…

Dec-23 Matt Parker44
Nov-23 Ed McLatchie43
Oct-23 Dave Wright47
Sep-23 Ian Smith48
Aug-23 Richard Scott47
Jul-23 Sam Swanscott48
Jun-23 Maulik Patel49
May-23 Ed McLatchie45
Apr-23 Martin Brown42
Mar-23 Alan Y45
Feb-23 Steve Diamon44
Jan-23 John Barber43

Winners in 2022…

Dec-22Chris Potten44
Nov-22Steven Stoffer43
Oct-22Gary Wilson45
Sep-22Michael Hanley49
Aug-22Johnathan Knowles45
Jul-22Claire Sills45
Jun-22Jonathan Knowles45
May-22Steve Maggs42
Apr-22John Day44
Mar-22Martin  Brown42
Feb-22Dave Allchorne45
Jan-22Ian Smith39

Winners in 2021…

Dec-21John Barber43
Nov-21John Cook44
Oct-21Gareth Heath50
Sep-21John Barber43
Aug-21Tony Factor43
Jul-21Martin Gregory43
Jun-21Andy Munro47
May-21Gary Wilson42
Apr-21Claire Sills39
Mar-21COVID n/a
Feb-21COVID n/a
Jan-21Nick Brooks42

Winners in 2020…

Dec-20COVID n/a
Nov-20Roger Dickson48
Oct-20Johnathan Knowles45
Sep-20John Adams46
Aug-20Chrissy Peacham45
Jul-20Paul Smith47
Jun-20Simon Bawden44
May-20COVID n/a
Apr-20COVID n/a
Mar-20Bob Alpin44
Feb-20Mark O’Neill43
Jan-20Steve Slater45

Winners in 2019…

Dec-19Andy Attard44
Nov-19Roland Avery47
Oct-19Andy Attard44
Sep-19David Jacobs47
Aug-19John Bradbury49
Jul-19David Johnson47
Jun-19Andrew Turnbull46
May-19Steve Hollway45
Apr-19Chris Knight43
Mar-19Roger Ireland43
Feb-19Nick Griffths43
Jan-19Andy Attard44

Winners in 2018…

Dec-18Andy Attard44
Nov-18Ron Jackman45
Oct-18Brian Scott44
Sep-18Peter Walton49
Aug-18Mark Tucknott48
Jul-18Noel Loughrey46
Jun-18Andrew Turnbull46
May-18Jonny Perrin47
Apr-18Andy King44
Mar-18Paul Smith47
Feb-18Andy Attard48
Jan-18Tony Springhall46

Winners in 2017…

Dec-17James Blair46
Nov-17Mike Sleeman47
Oct-17Matilda Mwenya45
Sep-17Kate SC Tan45
Aug-17Roland Avery51
Jul-17Peter Walton44
Jun-17David Jacobs45
May-17Brian Scott43
Apr-17Nev Smith45
Mar-17Neil Pagett44
Feb-17Judy Lilley45
Jan-17Roger Ireland44

Winners in 2016…

Dec-16Pete Dodds47
Nov-16David Johnson47
Oct-16Robin Butler46
Sep-16Phil Boyd46
Aug-16Denis Conway46
Jul-16Roger Ireland52
Jun-16Mark Crane44
May-16Steve Duffy46
Apr-16Steve Holloway43
Mar-16Richard Halloway42
Feb-16Gary Archer43
Jan-16Des Burnett43

Winners in 2015…

Dec-15Andy Attard42
Nov-15Brigitte Lockwood45
Oct-15Mark Crane43
Sep-15Phil Fen48
Aug-15Roger Dickson47
Jul-15Les Day44
Jun-15Ron Jackman45
May-15Michael Channing45
Apr-15Brian Cassidy46
Mar-15Peter Walton48
Feb-15Peter Walton45
Jan-15Norman Woodward43

Winners in 2014…

Dec-14Roger Ireland43
Nov-14Phil Fen44
Oct-14Carlos Ramos47
Sep-14Andy Attard46
Aug-14Alan Haywood49
Jul-14Ian Mullins46
Jun-14Tony Amos47
May-14David Smith44
Apr-14Michael Roos44
Mar-14Andy Flynn43
Feb-14Howard Stander44
Jan-14Roger Ireland47

Winners in 2013…

Dec-13Phil Boyd48
Nov-13Dave Allchorne43
Oct-13Dave Knight46
Sep-13Chris Chandler52
Aug-13David Jacobs47
Jul-13Steve Maggs46
Jun-13Bill Nowel46
May-13Andy Coultrup43
Apr-13Russell Foxwell44
Mar-13Chris Sawyer47
Feb-13Daniel Jayeola46
Jan-13Michael Roos44

Winners in 2012…

Dec-12Nev Smith42
Nov-12David Izen44
Oct-12Nev Smith45
Sep-12Mark Tucknott45
Aug-12Dave Blaney44
Jul-12John Amos43
Jun-12Steve Diamon45
May-12Tony Gray44
Apr-12Toby Hunt43
Mar-12Steve Goss42
Feb-12David Jacobs45
Jan-12Robert Wootton47

Winners in 2011…

Dec-11Frank Nott44
Nov-11Roger Allsop47
Oct-11Roger Allsop44
Sep-11Roger Akerman46
Aug-11David Jacobs47
Jul-11Phil Boyd45
Jun-11Dave Cambers47
May-11Michael Harrison47
Apr-11Andy Taylor45
Mar-11Nev Smith46
Feb-11Neil Randles45