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Obviously, we here at TSG HQ think we have a great website but what do other people think?

Here are just some of reviews that have been sent to us by you the members…

After years of playing golf irregularly on pay and play courses, I discovered TSG, my golfing life changed overnight! I now play as often as I like, on courses I could not have previously imagined, with a great bunch of new mates…best thing I ever did! Alan Haywood , Essex – Handicap 15

Due to my job having irregular hours, TSG has allowed me to play when my normal golf buddies aren’t around. I’ve met lots of like minded golfers and played many new courses. I have yet to meet anyone who I wouldn’t want to play golf with again and my wife even checks it now to see when I am playing – TSG is definitely the site to join!” John West, Surrey – Handicap 19

“I became a Social Golfer at the London Golf Show in Nov 2011 and I have really enjoyed discovering new courses, making new friends, taking advantages of special offers & learning golfing tips. Although male golfers are in majority, I would encourage women golfers of any standard to take an active part in this  friendly golfing community – I cannot imagine my golfing life without TSG now! Brigitte Lockwood, London – Handicap 28

“As a beginner, I found TSG to be a great way of learning the game – think Facebook for Golfers!” Lyndon Samuel, Suffolk – Handicap 24

Some more of reviews…

In January 2015, we conducted a Members survey in order to understand more about how you the members use the site and what you would like to see improved. We expect to publish these results in April 2015 but until then, here are some of the things you said about us.

 “A wonderful way to join up with other golfers who love their golf and enjoy playing different courses”

“I like the buzz of meeting all nationalities and enjoying the day”

Easy atmosphere with like minded golfers”

“No nonsense, easy to use website”

“Every aspect of golf you can think of in one site”

“A great way to play golf and different courses and enjoy a great bunch”

“The way forward, freedom, choice, opens your horizons”

“If you are not a member of a club – join!”

“A fitting community to use the The Social Golfer name”

“A Place to meet different people, play different courses – a must for all golfers!!

“A well organised and friendly way to join or organise golf games especially for non club members”

“An ideal way to meet new people, play different courses and enjoy more golf…”

“As a female player, I like to know with posted games, if it’s mixed or single sex.”

“A great place to socialise, meet new people, in a non-cliquey environment!”

And finally, our personal favourite from all reviews to date….


“As far as I am aware, there is nothing else like it!”