The Social Network for Golfers – New Year, New Rules…

The Social Network for Golfers: New Year, New Rules…

As the membership of our unique social network for golfers has grown significantly over the last 12 months (Nov & Dec excluded due to COVID) we thought the time has come to make guidelines for participation on the site.

As long-term users know, we have always promoted something we call ‘The Spirit of TSG’, which is a mantra believe in strongly. 

However, we are now introducing the FIVE simply rules – see below.


We’re all in this community to create a welcoming environment. 

So let’s treat everyone with respect. Healthy debate and discussion are natural consequences of human interaction, but kindness is required. 

Any disputes between members should be resolved amicably and respectfully, failure to do so could result in your account being frozen (or worse deleted). 

If we receive three complaints relating to a members conduct, they will be removed from the site.

2. Be polite & positive

We want The Social Golfer (TSG) to be a place of positivity, so if TSGers wish to engage in politics and/or trolling join Twitter or Parler. 

Bullying of any kind isn’t allowed, and degrading comments about things such as race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated EVER. 

If a members tone is always negative and/or constantly critical or provoking their posts will be removed and could result in the account being frozen (or worse deleted). 

Negative comments or hurtful posts won’t be tolerated. 

In addition, if writing a course review, be fair and considered and make sure the comments are measured. 

A rant will be removed.

3. Games & Events

Please be considerate at all times when posting events. 

You should always be well mannered and if details of any event change – please do the attendees of your event the courtesy of letting them know of any game changes as soon as possible. 

If a member fails to attend their own event (unless in exceptional circumstances) their profile will be marked with a ‘no show’ and could result in the account being frozen.

N.B. If a member puts his or her name down for a TSG Major and withdraws within 7 days of the event (without good reason), their account will automatically be suspended for the period of one month. 

If this happens three times, the account will be deleted, and any remaining months of the account will be refunded accordingly. 

4. Handicaps

Often an area for debate and scrutiny, however, our view is simple. 

Every member is solely responsible for their scorecard entries. 

Golf is a game of trust (see above Video vault) and as such we expect TSGers to be honest at all times. 

Failure to enter your scorecard will mean you are NOT eligible to win the big prizes at the TSG major events. 

Furthermore, if a member is found to be manipulating their golf handicap at ANY time, it WILL result in their account being frozen (or worse deleted). 

5. DON’T post spammy links

Give MORE to the community than you take out.

Start a conversation within the forum or share content from another platform, BUT spam and irrelevant links (e.g. advertising third party services or products) aren’t allowed. 

Share content you think the group will love and articles that are interesting or inspiring AND positive. 

See Terms & Conditions for details.


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