Spanish Golf Courses targeted by thieves…

Spanish Golf Clubs hit by golf bag thefts in Majorca!

It has been reported that Spanish golf courses in Majorca are warning golfers to take extra care when visiting golf clubs in the region.

Newspaper reports follow a spate of thefts from golf bags while on the course.

According to local media, golfers on the Spanish island are being targeted by crooks. T

The canny thieves, who steal golfer’s belongings without being seen, before making a quick escape…

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Golfers in Majorca report a rise in golf bag theft

The theft problems are said to be affecting Spanish golf courses in and around the capital, Palma.

However, they operate in other areas, as well as the municipality of Calvia, which includes Magaluf, Santa Ponsa, and Andratx.

The criminals have been moving the cups to the edge of the greens on the holes close to roads and fences.

Allowing them to make n easy to get away following their crimes.

Last week (March 2023), one golfer hit on by the robbers told of how thieves stole a £16,000 Swiss watch, and more than £1,300 in cash from his bag.

This occurred as he focused on his Putt and took his eyes off his clubs and other personal belongings for a moment, literally.

How Have the Spanish Golf Courses in Majorca Reacted to These Thefts?

One popular golf club on the holiday island is putting clients on guard by handing out leaflets in four languages, including English.

The overall message is warning them to be on the lookout for thieves and to keep a close eye on their belongings while playing.

Vall d’Or Golf on the island’s east coast is handing out leaflets in Spanish, English, French, and German to golfers before they start playing.

It stated: “Dear clients, given the wave of thefts that are taking place in the golf courses of Majorca, we remind you to keep an eye on your belongings.”

Israel Rodriguez, director of the club, said: “It might not be a very commercial solution, but it’s been the most effective because after the theft has taken place all we can do is advise victims they should report it. Better to advise them before and not after they find their watches and money has gone missing.”