Unique Golf Courses of the World – Rimba Irian Golf Club…

Scottish Bob now turns his attention to some of the lesser-known courses around the world, this time it’s the turn of Rimba Irian Golf Club West Papua, Indonesia…

You will have to travel to ‘West Papua’ or “Irian Jaya” in the western half of Papua New Guinea to find this golf course, which is situated in the middle of a rainforest jungle.

However, once you have made your journey, you will be rewarded with a superb golfing experience!

Rimba Irian Golf Club

Rimba Irian Golf Club – Golfing in Indonesia

While you’re getting ready to tee off, in the hope of achieving Eagles or Birdies on the lush greens of this truly remarkable 18-hole championship golf course, there is an abundance of birdies in the jungle tree-tops.

Most tropical & exotic birdlife you could ever imagine including the very rare Bird of Paradise, The White Sulphur Crested Cockatoos and the very impressive Hornbills. All singing a cacophony of birdsong which is just magical.

However, if this is your first time playing golf at this wonderful and unique golf course, it might require some additional concentration so as not to be distracted by the noise around you!

Rimba Irian Golf Club West Papua New Guinea v2

This prestigious par 72 golf course was built by the renowned golf course designer and Tour Player Ben Crenshaw (along with Bill Moore).

It was opened in 1996 and joins a growing list of unique golf courses in the world.

From your very first tee shot, you get an insight into the magic of actually playing golf, in a real living and very imposing rainforest jungle, which makes you think about every shot very carefully.

Of all the holes on this beautiful course to single out, just one great golf hole. However, if there is any hole that epitomises this course better, it would have to be the par 5, 11th which plays very close to 500 metres from the back tees.

The hole meanders gently left to a lush green, which lies in an amazing clearance surrounded by more jungle.


Rimba Irian Golf Club – The location

Set in the foothills of Indonesia’s highest and most sacred Puncak Jaya Mountain and is totally surrounded by the very impressive dense Irian Jaya Jungle.

The two designers have captured the uniqueness of the large and beautiful ironbark fig trees (some of them over 100 meters high) and the great diversity of the flora & fauna that make this place special.

Many species of wildlife can be seen while you play your round of golf including Cassowaries, Wallabies, reptiles, insects and much more.

If you’re lucky you may even catch a glimpse of the infamous but well-protected Boelen’s Python, however, golfers are advised that if their wayward shots, land in the dense jungle, it would be best to leave them where they are.

This ancient rainforest frames this golf course so well, which has a significant amount of tropical rainfall, but the course has been so well planned, that all the excess water is channeled into the rainforest’s natural streams.

It still remains a fragile environment, with the locals and overseas visitors all contributing to helping to maintain a fine balance with nature.

Rimba Irian Golf Club West Papua New Guinea


I would like to thank my good friend Dennis G. Kloeth of Indo Golf, who was kind enough to help me to obtain a lot of the facts and also pictures of this wonderful golf club.

Till Next Time…

By Scottish Bob Davies