Phi Golf – The Indoor Golf Simulator Review…

Phi Golf – The Indoor Golf simulator review

How can you play golf when the courses are closed? We asked long-term TSGer John Barber to tell us how he has been playing through lockdown using the Phi Golf Simulator.

The Phi Golf Golf Simulator.

At around £200, this game is well ahead of the types of golf games that first appeared on the Wii several years ago. In fact, with Phi Golf, you feel like we’ve fast-forwarded 50 years, not just 10!

On unpacking the box, the first thing you see is not a golf club, but a golf wand, a Bluetooth dongle and a wrist strap. The next step is to download the app to your phone or Chromebook (other devices are available!). There is a Windows version available too (if thats your preference) but with the phone app, you can cast it to a smart TV and with a Chromebook, connect it directly.
The golf wand has a weighted ‘golf ball’ on the end and with a full swing, there is something inside that gives audible feedback. Alternatively, you could put the dongle into a real golf club, but please mind the furniture and lights!  Also, if you chose the latter, you can’t really keep changing clubs as I think the dongle could snap off of the ‘spike’.

I’ve now been playing the game for almost a fortnight and it is fun – and you do feel as though you have been swinging a club. The golf game simulator allows up to 4 players, so would be ideal if you wish to invite people round for a game (when that is permitted!). BUT, make sure you wear the wrist strap because I can see the ‘wand’ going straight through a screen or window.

What the manufacturer tells us…

Phigolf WGT Edition is a brand-new way to play your favourite golf game! Now, use your real golf swing instead of playing with your fingers on a screen. 

Have your very own mobile golf game simulator at home with the photorealistic graphics you know and love from the WGT! Even play for real on world-famous golf courses with the Phigolf swing stick and 9-Axis 3D swing sensor. 

Be amazed as the avatar on-screen mirrors your swing in real-time! Play a round of golf remotely with friends and family wherever they are in the world!

Phi Golf – The Verdict…

  • I know we have all been missing golf lately (COVID etc) but I wish I had bought this when I first saw it.
  • You get to swing a ‘club’, it gives you a round of golf in around 30 minutes, and you feel you have ‘played’.
  • The only thing missing is the 5-mile walk (and the rain, cold and lost balls).
  • I give it 5 out of 5 STARS!

By John Barber