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Looking for golf lessons or a golf professional in your area?

LocoPro is the new website hub for golfers to find and review golf coaches across the UK and Ireland. The intention is to make it easier for people to get involved in the sport, no matter their gender, age, or skill level.

Launched in January 2021 during lockdown 3.0 by two friends and keen golfers, LocoPro is the first website designed to bring all golf professionals together under one roof.

The Social Golfer Team sat down with co-founder Jack Vickery and asked him a few questions about the new concept.

Why did you decide to launch LocoProGolf? 

“The concept was born from golf coaches needing to receive honest feedback from their clients. In almost all other forms of service and industry, there has been an online review site born out of it. The review website market has seen a huge growth in the last 5 years.”

“Think Trustpilot and a site like The Social Golfer, regarding course reviews. In addition, while providing a platform for Golf Pros to connect with golf in their area, it also provides a useful sense-check for golf lovers looking to find the best Golf Pro with independent feedback from fellow golfers”.

How many golf coaches do you currently have on the site?

“Currently, LocoPro has over 200 golf coaches signed up in a number of locations across the UK but our target is to have more than 1000 golf pros on our system by the end of 2021″

“If you’re doing a google search using the term, golf lessons in my area, then we are the site for you!!

What else do you have planned for the site?

“Well, we have more than enough on our plate at the moment but we also plan to launch an annual ‘Golf Pro of the Year’ competition and will hope to put on event days too. Furthermore, it’s not just open to Golf Pros.”

“Fitness coaches and strength instructors can also join the community. Golf is a physical sport with many different aspects of training involved.”

“So, as well as searching for your nearest golf coach or ‘lessons in my area’, you can also search for ‘fitness coaches’ that specialise in muscle movement to improve your golf game.”

Virtual golf coaches are an area of the website we also plan to build, allowing coaches from all over the world to sign up and offer their coaching over a video call or online coaching method.”

What has been the reaction to the site so far?

“It’s been fantastic!” 

“Not only have we been surprised by how many feel the need for such a site, but we’ve also received some great feedback from coaches too. In addition, the fact that a site like The Social Golfer has shown an interest in promoting our offering and interviewing us is a huge compliment. I only hope we can do as good a job of growing our website audience as you guys. 

Why should I sign up as a golfer?

It’s free and full of independent Golf Pro and Golf Coach reviews. Over 200 golf coaches to chat with and contact directly for help.

Why should a golf coach sign up and how?

Coaches can register for a basic profile for free, or upgrade to a premium profile for as little as £9.99 a month. 

The premium profile includes additional benefits to attract more customers, including image galleries, video links, and social media links added to their profiles; as well as featuring on LocoProGolf’s social media platforms and ‘featured’ areas throughout the website. – The Verdict…

  • We think this is a superb idea and one that helps golfers find the best Golf Pro in their area
  • This would be a good option for the Independent Golfer who is not affiliated with a club
  • A simple idea – if administered and promoted correctly, this could be both a useful tool and a great business
  • We give the idea 5 out of 5 STARS!

By Ian Mullins