Golf GPS Review – The Smart Caddie…

Looking for a new golf GPS App? 

Here we review the latest in golf GPS app technology, The Smart Caddie

It is a common assumption that a caddie’s role is only limited to carrying the golfer’s clubs around the course. But caddies do so much more than this. They help you to navigate the course, give you yardages to the pin (to the nearest millimetre), and monitor weather conditions. Not to mention the psychological advantage they can bring, with their local knowledge and stats. 

So with this in mind, the Smart Caddie is one of the most advanced golf GPS apps on the market today. 

This new technology has been uniquely designed to make the golfer’s experience even better and provide you with added confidence during your round.

Using a Smart Caddie will help you to make decisions that are backed by data as you play along. 

This app is designed to help you navigate the course while analyzing your shots before providing the appropriate information to improve your shot-making.

Oh yes, this app will make suggestions (just like a real Caddie) that include club selection recommendations to help you enhance your game.

And like all golf GPS apps, it’s great for golfers who travel often too, as you are guaranteed inside help to play on golf courses that you are not familiar with.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider using a Smart Caddie when purchasing your next golf trolley…

Accurate and vivid course information

You can rely on this app to provide you with vital information on the distances as well as views of the green.

The Smart Caddie app is synchronized with more than 40,000 golf courses from a database of courses that are satellite surveyed and aerial mapped so you can use it to play on the course.

You can access numerous graphic and satellite-based course images to help you avoid bunkers and water hazards. Most importantly, it has never been easier to get an accurate estimate of distances, wherever you are on the course.

Captures distances to the green

One of the things that a caddie will do is help golfers determine the distance to the greens.

Similarly, the Smart Caddie app will provide you with the distance from your location to the back, front and centre of the green. 

This can either be in terms of metres or yards.

Real-time playing conditions

With a Smart Caddie, you don’t have to worry about weather conditions while on the course because all these factors are taken into account.

Recommendations are made with the actual live playing conditions in mind. These include wind speed, temperature, wind direction, humidity, elevation and barometric air pressure among others.

Advanced hole strategy

Having a digital caddie lets you manage the course like a pro. 

You also get instant access from your shots history along with an advanced hole strategy, that matches your playing level.

The Smart Caddie app relies on artificial intelligence to analyze numerous shots before settling on one that is most appropriate on any one hole, and of course,  depending on your willingness to either play conservatively or aggressively.

Club recommendations for each shot

This digital caddie tracks, saves and analyzes ALL your shots. 

This information is added to your golfing profile automatically and used to adjust the club and shot recommendations, hole by hole.

N.B. The more you play, the more data will be collected and the more precise the output will be.

TSG Verdict: 4 out of 5 Stars

There are many Golf GPS options available on the market today but this one stands out in being able to provide you with real time stats and shot recommendations.

So, without doubt, the Smart Caddie really is like having a personal caddie.

We have no doubts, this is the future of golf!

By Ian Mullins