Finding Someone to Play Golf with…

How do you find new golf partners in the UK?

Enjoying your golf is what the game is all about but finding a good golf buddy can be harder than you think.

Of course, the obvious way to meet other golfers is to join a golf club, but even then that doesn’t guarantee you’ll find the right golf partner for you!

However, as someone who knows many golf ‘club’ members, even they admit that a golf club is not always the best place for finding someone to play golf with.

Yes, you can sign-up for the Sat/Sun competitions, and you can join a ‘roll-up’ but often golf clubs are ‘clicky’ with already well-established friendships.

The Social Golfer

We asked TSG Blogger Kevin Booth to summarise all the options available for anyone wanting to find a new golf partner…

Finding someone to play Golf with…

So you’ve got your clubs, you’ve chosen your preferred golf balls, and you’ve told everyone that this is your new hobby but what now?

Well, you need to get out on the course, establish your playing standard, and establish a Handicap Index and get a Handicap Certificate

In the following article, Kevin explains the following options open to anyone starting the game or the more ‘seasoned’ club golfer.

  1.  Sign-up for a dedicated golf community e.g. The Social Golfer 
  2.  Join a Golf Society
  3.  Join an Online Facebook or Twitter group
  4.  Join a Golf Club or an Indoor Golf Studio

Join The Social Golfer

The Social Golfer is a unique internet golf community that allows you to meet other golfers, track your handicap using our new Handicap Index Calculator, join local golf events in your area, and play in our TSG Major Events.

  • Join golf games, societies, & events in your area
  • Track your score & Get a handicap certificate
  • Find & Review over 25,000 golf courses
  • Join in golf chat, upload photos & get golf tips
  • Take advantage of exclusive green fee offers

We have games available for you to join right now at golf courses in London, Essex, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, and Hampshire, and we are now growing the north of England and the rest of the UK.

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TSG members can post games at their own club or any other they are keen to play. Just book a tee time, post it on our golf events and competitions calendar and our unique system sends out a geo-targeted email to all our members that live in the vicinity of that club, inviting them to join you for a round of golf.

Join a Golf Society

A golf society, or golfing society is a social club, whose members are dedicated to playing the sport of golf.

Unlike a golf club, a golf society does not own a golf course, instead playing on the golf courses owned by one or more golf clubs.

Golf societies may form for a number of reasons, including to provide opportunities for members to play more than one course, or to avoid large golf club membership fees

Joining a golfing society can also be extremely beneficial for those with busy lives where playing golf on a consistent basis just isn’t possible.

There are many different types of golf societies ranging from local pubs, sports clubs, disability groups, seniors golf, and job-specific societies for example Military, Police, Banking etc.

So steeped in tradition is Society Golf, there is even a British Golf Collectors Society!

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Join a Facebook or Twitter Group

There are various online platforms and forums where golfers connect and share their experiences but Social Media has become a go-to place for Nomadic or Independent Golfers.

However, the obvious ones are Facebook, X (Formerly Twitter), Threads, and of course, Instagram.

Facebook is probably best for Groups, as they allow free-flowing discussion, and you can post ‘events’ on your feed.

The Social Golfer Facebook Group

Join a Golf Club

This is a great way to meet new golfers and often those in your local area. However, the downside is that you will play the same golf course over and over again.

In addition, golf clubs tend to favour golf who are ‘competitive’ rather than ‘social’ and they can be very strict of rules and regulations.

And you may find there are strict rules around ‘dress codes’.

However, belonging to a golf club does give you access to Golf Professionals, and sometimes there will be a Driving range attached to the club. This is useful if you like to practice a lot.

But as mentioned above, it can a long time to establish yourself with a group of like-minded individuals, so you may be in a club for a few years before you find your place.

The Heron Golf Lcub Ariel View

So there you have it, just a few practical and proven ways of finding someone to play golf within the UK.


By Ian Mullins