Duca Del Cosma – Premium Golf Shoes Review

Duca Del Cosma – Premium Golf Shoes Review

It’s always nice to be asked to review the latest golf equipment and apparel, but I was particularly pleased to take a look at the new Duca Del Cosma collection, especially as I need some new golf shoes for 2024. Here we look at the GIRONA, taking into account the following criteria.

  • Look & Feel
  • Design & Style
  • Comfort & Sizing
  • Usability & Performance
  • Price Point & Value for Money
Golfer wearing Duca Del Cosma Golf Shoes - GIRONA

Look & Feel

So, the first thing you notice when you receive your new golf shoes is the premium packaging.

Delivered in a heavy-duty box, which also includes a white cotton Shoe Bag.

Del Cosma Golf Shoes - GIRONA

It would seem they’ve nailed the brand experience straight away. 

The next thing you will notice is the quality of the leather.

As with all things ‘Italian’, the company have focused on premium materials and stylish design.

This is not your average golf shoe, that’s for sure.

The GIRONA shoe comes in three colour options:

  • White/Cognac/Navy
  • Green/Black/White
  • Navy/Red/White

It will be no surprise to Social Golfers, that we chose the Green/Black/White option!

Design & Style

Now traditionally, Duca Del Cosma has produced golf shoes with very colourful, trainer-like shoe designs. 

The 2024 range seem more sophisticated which, I think, will appeal more to the older golfer. 

That said, with this ‘Trainer’ style golf shoe being worn more than ever before. 

As such,  I think the design of the GIRONA will appeal to all generations of golfer.

The sole of the shoe is a moulded, spike-less design. Given the recent UK weather, I do not feel this would be appropriate for very wet weather.

However, in drier and more temperate conditions, I think the sole’s grip is excellent. With over 100 moulded studs, I really like the two colour design, even on the sole.

I really like the combination of ‘brogue’ and ‘sneaker’ design on this shoe.

And you also get a spare pair of laces in every box (this is a nice touch!).

I chose to wear the white lace option over the more diverse navy.

But the more adventurous golfer will be grateful for the option.

Comfort & Sizing

Now, while I am not averse to spending money on golf equipment, I’ll admit I have never spent more than £80 on a pair of golf shoes, so I had high expectations from a shoe nearer the £200 mark.

But this is a quality shoe. Made from Italian Nappa and nubuck leather, no expense has been spared in the manufacturing process. 

The upper shoe leather is light but robust. I have no doubt that it will be hard-wearing. However, I will admit to being surprised at just how comfortable these shoes were from the off.

Normally, I would expect a golf shoe to take three to four rounds to shape itself to my foot, but after one round, I felt like I’d been wearing them for months.

In addition, I am normally a size 8 UK in golf shoes, but these felt just a little restrictive.

Del Cosma Golf Shoes - GIRONA

So I opted for the bigger size, knowing that my feet can sometimes swell a little on the course.

And I was right. The bigger size was spot on.

Usability & Performance

Ultimately, regardless of how much you paid for your new golf shoes, you want them to work! After just one round, I felt this was a shoe I could wear week in and week out, and that it would remain comfortable.

Clearly, a lot of thought has gone into the choice of materials and the technology of the shoe.

The waterproof membrane will keep out any moisture, so your feet will always be dry. However, as mentioned above, I could see this being my summer shoe. Weather aside, having paid the price of a premium golf shoe, I would want them to stay clean and look good. 

I feel these shoes came into their own around the greens.

While the shoe itself is made from durable but lightweight leather, its heavy inner sole meant my feet were always stable and comfortable.

Duca Del Cosma Golf Shoe technology - GIRONA

In addition, unlike some golf shoes, my feet felt cool and aired after 18 holes. It must have something to do with the Arneflex foam technology.

Finally, while I cannot claim to have experienced their use in the wet yet, I have no reason to suspect that they would have any trouble in repelling water.

Price Point & Value for Money

Ok, let us not beat around the bush. This is not a golf shoe for the occasional golfer, or those looking for a bargain.

This is a very well-made and quality product.

If I had any criticism, I would say the designs will not appeal to everyone, as the UK golfer can be more conservative than our European counterparts.

In addition, as nice as the complementary shoe bag is, I think it would have been better produced in a dark colour e.g. Black or Navy, rather than in white, for obvious reasons.

Furthermore, the price point of £199.00 is going to put many people off.

That said, Duca Del Cosma offers a range of cheaper price point shoes including the NARAVINO, the REGENT and the KUBA for under £100 in their sale.

For those with a little cash in their pocket, and those who like a little ‘indulgence’ from time to time, this is an outstanding golf shoe!

TSG Verdict = 4/5 stars

By Ian Mullins

For more information on the complete Duca Del Cosma range, visit www.ducadelcosma.co.uk