Club Gapping (Know Your Yardages)…

Know Your Club Distances with Foresight Sports and GC Quad Technology

As indoor golf studios become ever more popular, more and more golfers will get the chance to experience the benefits of today’s modern technology. 

We asked PGA Golf Pro Andrew Pestell and co-owner of The Swing Warehouse in East Hanningfield in Essex, to explain to us the importance of Club Gapping. And how to get the most from golf simulator technology…

Do you know how far you hit the ball?

Whatever level of golf you play, there are always things you can do to improve, whether it’s short game, driving, course management or iron play. These can all take some time and effort to get significant improvement. 

However, the quickest and easiest way to improve your golf at any level, from Professional to a beginner, is knowing how far you hit the golf ball. 

Now, we aren’t talking about how far it rolls out to; we are talking about how far the ball flies through the air to landing.

Knowing your numbers and having a regular club gapping session are so key to getting those handicaps down.

Many ranges are now adding club testing technology to their set-up, from Trackman, Top Tracer, to our own preferred system, Foresight Sports and the GC Quad.

The good news is that you can now – in as little as an hour – hit shots with every club in your bag and get an average distance you hit the ball.

How many times have you stood on a par 3 or in the fairway, having to carry the ball 150 yards over a bunker or water, pulled out the 7 iron and come up short?

Suddenly, and before you know where you are, you hit the self-destruct button right? 

Or worse, been scared to come up short and hit way too much club and got in trouble.

Club Gapping by Andrew Pestall -

When picking the club for the shot you’re trying to hit, the most important thing is being confident that you can commit to hitting that shot in front of you. 

If in the back of your mind you don’t know how far the ball goes with that club, how can you ever mentally be ready to hit a good shot?

Acceptance in golf is the key to moving on after a bad shot. We can accept hitting a bad shot if we do everything possible, before hand, to hit a good shot. 

No one tries to hit a bad shot, but what makes it hard to accept is when you haven’t done the simple things first to give you the best possible chance for success.

Club Gapping - Know Your Yardages - Andrew Pertsall PGA Golf Professional - The Social Golfer v2

Golf Studio Advanced Technology

Foresight Sports, with the use of GC Quad, allows you to do a full club gapping session to take the guess work out of your tee shots.

However, let’s not forget the approach shots too.

By hitting a minimum of 3 shots with each club, you can create an average distance with each club.

At the end of this process, you can then review all the distances between each club. Thus allowing you to identify if there are any distance problems between clubs immediately, giving you instant feedback, which you can then address with your PGA professional.

For example, each club should have approx. 10-12 yards between them.

If you find that there are only 6 yards between two clubs or more, then it may be you need to check the loft and lies of the clubs to make sure they are correct.

This information is priceless to getting your clubs working for you and not against you.

Club Gapping - Know Your Yardages - Andrew Pestall PGA Golf Professional - The Social Golfer

At the end of the session, all your information can be emailed to you or if you have a FSX Live account, you can see all this information online.

Another area that can give a huge advantage in short game, is having 2 or 3 different distances with all your wedges, meaning you can turn a simple mistake into a Par save, a good bogey or give you chances for birdies.

With the aid of the Foresight Sports – GC Quad club gapping and distance control technology –  you are guaranteed to improve your golf.

So now you know!

By Andrew Pestell – PGA Golf Professional

If you would like to know more about checking your yardages, you can contact Andrew on 07971 487 903 or find him at