Best golf watches to buy in 2020 – Garmin Approach…

Golfers are notoriously known for loving a new piece of golf gear but what are the best golf watches to buy in 2020…

Golfers are always looking for new ways to improve their game and having any type of new golf gear makes it easy for them to indulge in the sport to their heart’s content.

Speaking of the right golf gear, one item that is currently being talked about is the use of GPS watches.

Golf watches are incredibly important to a golfer, not just because it helps the golfer keep track of time, but also because these watches have several other features and benefits required to improve one’s game.

One can be confused about the models and might find it challenging to settle for one, so this article provides a quick glance at some of the popular options on the market in 2020…

The Garmin Approach S62: 

Read any article about golf watches, and you shall find a boatload of information on the various models of Garmin Approach. 


Garmin Approach makes for one of the best brands when it comes to golf watches, and it just keeps improving its efficiency with each model. 


The Garmin Approach S62 has a 1.3-inch colored display with touch support and has a beautiful clarity when under the scorching light of the sun. 


The ‘virtual caddie’ feature on the watch makes it easy for the players to gauge the distance and track each with the utmost details. 

The Garmin Approach S60:

The second on the list of best golf watches is the Garmin Approach S60 and has a 1.2 inch colored display.


What makes the watch stand out is that its features do not only come handy to the golfers, but also to the ones who like to indulge in Skiing, Snowboarding, Paddleboarding and Rowing. 


It is also priced at a lower cost than the Garmin Approach S62, with almost the same features, which makes it an easy buy. 


Garmin Approach S60 is easily the best runner-up to Garmin Approach S60.

The Garmin Approach S20: 

The third on our list of the best golf watches has to be the Garmin Approach S20. 


This golf watch is priced at the lower end of the market and makes it to the list for its efficacious GPS tracking feature. 


In addition, it has the capacity to charge up super quick, and the battery can last for as long as 15 hours. 


This is definitely is a feature in a golf watch that we could get on with. 


For more information on Garmin watches their additional features, visit great golf reviews and make your own mind up.

Golf Buddy WTX: 

The fourth one on our list is the Golf Buddy WTX. 


If you wanted a substitute for the Garmin Approach models, Golf Buddy should definitely be your buddy. 


It is slim and incredibly lightweight that makes it an excellent option for the golfers. 


Plus, it is also highly affordable, and you do not need to blow a hole in your pockets to get your hands on this one. 


If you are looking for an entry-level golf watch that does pretty much all that you would find in any other brand, you must consider the Golf Buddy WTX.



TomTom Golfer 2:

The last model that we review in this article is the TomTom Golfer 2.


This model weighs only 2.8 ounces and is, therefore, quite easy to strap on to your fist. 


Plus, the stunning designs and the features that one can find on the watch are something that shall pique anyone’s interests.


It also has over 40,000 preloaded courses about the sport that can help you improve your game and stay in the loop about the same. 


The final feature that we would like to talk about is that of the Round Tracking, which helps you decide on the shots, the distance, the time taken for the shot and several other features. 

And Finally…

These are some of the best golf watches to buy in 2020 but as with all things golf, take the time to find out would suit your game best!