Crown Golf Winter Golf TipsAs we enter the winter months, it can be difficult to find the motivation to shrug off the cold weather, don your waterproofs and head out to freezing temperatures. How do you stay motivated throughout the cold months? We asked Crown Golf team for there Winter Golf Tips….

Crown Golf Pro Tips – Where does it start…

Picture the scene. You’re dressed head to toe in your favourite golf gear, the sun is shining, it’s cold but you’ve got a few mates together on the course.

Yep – you are feeling pretty smug about life right now. Then you tee off….

First shot heads for the trees. Never mind, you’ll pull it back to the next one. The cold is nipping at your fingertips but you are determined to carry on, after all, you’ll soon warm up, right?

The second shot barely makes it onto the green; this is not the start you’d hoped for.

Now you’ve lost face in front of your fellow players, not to mention your confidence and already you can’t wait to get back to the clubhouse.

Crown Golf Winter Golf Tips – Some ideas…

Golf isn’t a fast, cheap or easy sport to play, that’s no secret.

Therefore you want to make each game count for all the right reasons.

Even if you aren’t a very competitive golfer, you still want to play well and enjoy at least a few good shots over the course during Nov, Dec, Jan and Feb.

Otherwise, what’s the point in coming back, right?

However, with the ground hard and a frost on the fairways, try the following tips:

– Warm up properly before heading outside

– Ensure you have the right clothing (layers are better)

– Use Mittens or Winter Gloves

– Consider using hand warmer – available at most Pro shops

– Ensure you have eaten well before teeing off

– Carry snacks and eat before you feel cold

You should always feel energised and excited to play at your local Crown Golf Club, so if you’d like some help refining your game or you need a little guidance, our Golf Development Professionals are always on hand to help.

Crown Golf Winter Golf Tips – Staying focused…

There is always a golf professional on hand at Crown Golf clubs to help you stay on your game, throughout the winter months.

They’ll be able to hone your existing skills and strengthen your weaknesses so that you feel ready to get back into the swing of things especially when the warm weather starts again.

After all, one bad round of golf doesn’t make a bad golfer.

So don’t give up.

Show up – and show the course what you’re made of!Find your local Crown Golf club and speak to the Pro.