Night Golf…

Night Golf is a new way of playing golf that is providing a little bit more fun to what is widely perceived as a stuffy old game!

There have been many failed attempts in the last few years with the advent of FootGolf, BikeGolf and even talk in the states of making the holes bigger to increase participation.

Is this one that I think has the most chance of really taking off?

Yep, for people looking for something different Night Golf gives you a whole new set of things to think about when you are standing on the tee.

How does Night Golf work?

Night Golf is played under the illumination of bright LED light sticks and glowing beach balls.

Night Golf uses 12-inch multi-coloured LED light sticks placed down each fairway and around the greens showing you the way to the hole.

All bunkers and other hazards are also marked out with flashing light sticks.

The tee boxes are clearly defined by two glowing beach balls which slowly change from one colour to another. All flag sticks and holes are brightly lit up too.

The balls used, have two LED lights inside, they are standard size and weight and will glow continuously for up to 10 minutes once struck.

An event will usually last around 90 minutes after which participants can enjoy a BBQ, Hog Roast or any other sort of evening entertainment.

What could possibly go wrong?

How do you score in Night Golf?

Unlike daytime golf, Night Golf events tend to be played over 4 to 6 holes rather than the full 18, primarily due to the cost of equipment and time.

Usually teeing off 1 hour after sunset and can be played at any time of the year weather permitting. Playing in four balls adds to the fun factor with everyone using a different coloured ball.

However, to add more fun to proceedings, some organisers choose to play alternatives to standard stroke play and plan their Night Golf competitions around a Texas Scramble format or as part of a team or individual scoring.

What is the Night Golf Dress code?

Obviously, your standard golf attire is fine but for those golfers who are brave, you can go one step further by adding glow sticks for their golf bags and/or where illuminated necklaces for more visibility.

And for those who really like to stand out even more (we know who you are!) you can attire yourself in brightly illuminated caps and tee shirts (think Lee Westwood style shirts!) and some Night Golfers have even managed to get their shoes lit up!

Is it worth all the fuss?

Absolutely! Visually it is a stunning sight to see the course flooded with light and watch the trace of your ball arcing through the night sky.

Night Golf is, undoubtedly, a new and exciting ‘social’ experience (we like social) which should be tried by all!!

By Ian Mullins