Live Chat with CNN…

LIVE Chat with CNN and Gary Player

LIVE Chat with CNN at 7pm UK time

On the eve of the Masters, has been invited to join an exclusive live chat with CNN at our new golf social hub, The Clubhouse

Yes, that’s right CNN is inviting the TSG community to participate in our exciting live event.

Our Live Chat with CNN…

Join the CNN Sport team along with special guests: three-time Masters champion and golfing legend Gary Player, CNN’s own Living Golf host Shane O’Donoghue as well as Rob Hodgetts, editor and journalist of

The theme for the chat is focused around How DO you become an Augusta champion?”

Over the course of an hour, we’ll discuss who’s on track to take this year’s green jacket: will it be an old hand with experience of the course providing a strong foundation for the victory or perhaps a rookie ready to make a name for themselves?

The CNN live chat will also explore topics around the tournament like what’s next for Tiger, longer courses, the importance of your caddy and returning after injury. Our experts will also be on hand to answer questions and share their experiences — so if you’ve got a question, don’t be shy!

How do TSGers join in?

Just send your questions in advance, tweet us using the hashtag #CNNLivingGolf or by visiting The Clubhouse and leaving your question in the comment box….

Then log in to the Clubhouse on Monday, April 6th at 7pm UK time (2pm EST) to participate in the live chat as it happens. It’s going to be fun and we hope to see some of TSG community joining us!

Following the live event, we’ll be featuring the conversation on Hope to see you ALL there.

Happy Golfing!