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FIVE Premiership footballers who golf…

Wednesday, November 20th, 2019

FIVE Premiership footballers who golfThere aren’t many sports that go hand in hand more so than golf and football.

Both sports are intertwined in a unique way, with many professional footballers opting to use their days off on the course playing a round of golf.

And why not?

There aren’t many better sports (low impact sports) to unwind to after working hard on the football pitch all morning.

We assume when you only have to work 3 or 4 hours a day (if you can call Football Training work?) you have plenty of time to do other things to fill your spare time between matches.

But which Premiership footballers play golf and who is any good at it?

We take a look at FIVE footballers who enjoy their time on the fairways…

Premiership footballers who golf – Gareth Bale…

If you are getting into trouble with your employers because you’re playing too much golf, then the chances are that you will be pretty handy with the clubs.

Based in Spain, the Real Madrid winger has shared pictures of his back garden on social media, and he has his own golf course which has replica holes from Royal Troon and the Augusta National.

Bale has a handicap of 5 and is commonly seen testing his skills on the 12th at Augusta and the postage stamp 8th hold from Troon.

He also competed in a celebrity golf competition last year at Celtic Manor.

Premiership footballers who golf  – Harry Kane…

The current England captain is another player that has a handicap of four and can be seen showing his skills on some of the most difficult courses in the United Kingdom.

On his days off from Tottenham Hotspur plays golf – a lot.

Kane uses the sport to relax following the stress of playing in the Premier League, and it seems to work for him as he has performed excellently consistently for club and country.

Premiership footballers who golf  – Wayne Rooney…

Another famous England captain also enjoys spending his downtime on the golf course.

The all-time leading scorer for the Three Lions plays off a handicap of 16 and was even credited with a Rory McIlroy success at the Arnold Palmer Invitational.

The Northern Irishman said that he sought out Rooney for advice about technique when he is taking a free-kick.

McIlroy used that advice to win by two shots in the invitational, and the pair remain good friends to this day.

Premiership footballers who golf  –  Jamie Redknapp…

A former professional player that can’t keep off the golf course is Jamie Redknapp.

He is commonly made fun of when appearing on A League of their Own due to the amount of time he spends on the course.

The former Liverpool midfielder, and now Sky Sports pundit plays off a handicap of four.

He also appears frequently on the Pro-Am events, and he played with Luke Donald at last year’s Alfred Dunhill Championship at St Andrew’s.

Premiership footballers who golf – Ryan Giggs…

Another ex-Premier League star that can be commonly found on the golf courses is Ryan Giggs.

The Premier League’s most decorated player has a handicap of 14 and frequently plays in the Pro-Am.

He most recently played in this event alongside Manchester United fan Rory McIlroy at Wentworth.

However, he actively encourages his Welsh team not to follow his lead, and avoid the golf course at all costs to avoid the risks of picking up needless injuries.

By Ian Mullins

How to obtain a golf handicap certificate…

Thursday, October 5th, 2017

Golf Handicap CertificateEvery golfer wants to know what their real playing ability is but if you don’t belong to a golf club, how do you obtain a golf handicap certificate?

We asked the team at the to explain what they offer the golfing nomad…

How to obtain a golf handicap certificate…

Firstly, let’s set the record straight, a CONGU (The Council of National Golf Unions) recognised handicap is the ONLY official way to get a golf handicap certificate.

However, in many ways, this is expensive, as it requires you joining a golf club, which can cost you upwards of £600 – £2000 per year!

Secondly, a much more affordable option is to join an online golf club like The Social Golfer (TSG)…

The Social Golfer has its own bespoke Golf Handicap Tracking system, which invites you to submit three of your most recent scorecards, following which it will then produce you an official TSG Golf Handicap Certificate.

Thereafter, we recommend members post their scores after EVERY round to maintain their current playing standard.

Our system takes into account both your Gross Score and the SSS (Standard Scratch Score) of the Course and adjusts your playing ability accordingly.

How to obtain a golf handicap certificate – Is it robust and accurate?


We recently surveyed our members who are club members with a CONGU handicap and compared them with their TSG handicap and a resounding 100% of those asked, said their handicap on The Social Golfer was LOWER than their Club handicap!

How to obtain a golf handicap certificate – Are TSG Handicap Certificates accepted at Clubs and in Open Competitions?


Golf Handicap CertificateSince our launch in 2010, we have never heard of a club refusing our golf handicap certificate either in the UK or Worldwide.

However, whilst some Open Club competitions and Golf Society Days will request a CONGU certificate, many clubs are recognising that with club membership on the decline in recent years, that an online handicap is more than an adequate replacement.

Furthermore, with Club handicaps only requiring you to submit three scorecards per year (total), the TSG handicap system, calculates your ‘actual’ playing standard after every round.

A golf handicap certificate with The Social Golfer costs £24.99pp*

Looking for the birthday or Christmas gift for the golfer in your life?

Buy a membership to The Social Golfer – Click here

*correct at the time of going to press.