BigWigz Skin
BigWigz Skin

BigWigz is a new golf accessory in club care, allowing you to restore some your old clubs back to their former glory and a chance to personalise your clubs and stand out from the crowd.

What is a BigWigz ….

BigWigz was launched in the UK in June 2014 and has already established itself in the US, Japanese and Korea markets.

The BigWigz is essentially a special golf club skin, that lets you personalise your driver head through a non-permanent self adhesive 3M vinyl with a special adhesive backing to prevent air bubbles.

It completely covers the top surface of the driver protecting the club from those annoying knocks and scratches, whilst giving the club a new “paint” like finish.

The product conforms to both the USGA and R&A rules and can be fitted by you.

If like me, you have a number of clubs in the bag with chips and nicks in them, then you’ll be keen to know what we think of this new product …

Fitting the BigWigz:

Every pack has the simple tools and information needed to apply in minutes. All packs even include a practice skin for you to trial fit before re-styling your driver.

Upon first opening the pack you are met with a number of ‘bits’ that to start with look completely foreign to anything else you’ve ever used on a club before.

However once you have read the checklist, it is soon obvious what they all do ….

The pack comes with an instruction leaflet, although this is incredibly small and difficult to read, however a quick Google search will soon direct you to a video that explains how to fit the BigWigz much clearer.

But be careful to prepare properly as this can be a precise process and one that does require a steady hand.

That said, once you realise the skin itself is very pliable, you will soon find that getting a smooth finish is pretty easy.

The key thing is getting the ‘cutting’ tape in the correct position thus ensuring a crease free finish.

We managed to complete the process first time round in under 10 minutes, but we would recommend that you practice with the spare skin first.

So how does the BigWigz look and how much does it cost:

Actually, pretty good. The skin has a very clean finish and whilst there is a little fraying on the back it a good finish. I’m am sure this would be avoidable with practice.

Overall, we are very pleased with how the restoration looks.

The cost is £19.99 per pack and provides all the tools required with the exception of the hair dryer.

You can even upload your own photos to their website and have your designs made for your clubs.

BigWigz – The TSG verdict …

We think the BigWigz is a great idea.

No one likes looking at a tried old golf club as they stand on the tee and this is an affordable and unique way to get those clubs looking good again.

It’s relatively easy to fit, there are plenty of designs in the range to satisfy all persuasions.

In short, we like it!

Find out more information go to and give your clubs a makeover now!


By Ian Mullins