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Donate to the Afriyea Golf Academy and help us grow the game in Africa!

The Social Golfer has selected the Afriea Golf Academy in Uganda as its chosen charity at this The Social Golfer OPEN 2023.

As part of our support, we have x5 core ambitions;

1. Raise £5K to support coaching in local schools in Uganda

2. Club Amnesty – Collect 1000 golf clubs, for 1000 kids

3. Collect old Mobile Phones & iPads for kids to play virtual golf when they cannot access the golf club

4. Provide Golf Clothing and Water Bottles

5. Support the Academy via our WHS Handicapping

In addition, the partnership will help Afriyea Golf Academy raise vital funds to continue with its golf programs to teach underprivileged youths and children with special needs to prosper in life via the game of golf.

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Golf Students in Uganda learning the game

How Can You Donate?

Obviously, cash is always helpful, so please support us in any way you can by selecting from the buttons below. 

Rest assured, no donation is too small and no donation is too big!

Afreiyea Golf Academy Payment systems

Who already donated to the Afriyea Golf Academy via The Social Golfer?

Further to the Afriyea Golf Academy donations links above, The Social Golfer will be using its annual TSG OPEN Championship 2023 event to raise awareness and funds.

We would like to kindly thank the following Golf clubs for their generous support, all of whom have donated a 4-Ball voucher to our auction table on the day…

More to be added between now and 3rd September 2023.

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Key facts about The Afriyea Golf Academy:

  • Afriyea Golf Academy students walk 20km a day to earn just £2 for their education
  • Their community supports 1000+ kids, in 21 schools with coaching and equipment
  • The Academy also promotes Sustainability, Conservation, Diversity, and Equality via the game of golf.
  • It costs just £50 per annum to provide ONE child a year’s education & golf

Where the money will go…

All the money raised will also be used to provide a pathway for kids into the professional game of golf by 2030.

Furthermore, money will go towards providing 1,000 kids in 21 schools with water bottles, hats, and mobile phones to record their progress.

Finally, The Social Golfer team would like to thank everyone involved in this event for their time and dedication to help us raise via this Afriyea Golf Academy Donations page!


Golf Students in Uganda learning the game
The Social Golfer Partners with The Afriyea Golf Academy in Uganda - Social v1

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By Ian Mullins