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Pro Tips – First Tee Nerves…

Monday, April 20th, 2015
First Tee Nerves

First Tee Nerves

It’s a balmy Saturday in Summer and you are about to play in your first TSG official event. How are you feeling on the first tee? Are you suffering from first tee nerves? Just want to get it away? Make sure you don’t top it?

You are not alone…

If any of these thoughts sound familiar then lets get you feeling more comfortable on the first tee. The first thing to realise is everyone feels it! If you ever get the chance to read an interview with a tour player, they will tell you they too get first tee nerves. The difference is they are trained on how to hold those nerves.

Addressing your first tee nerves…

What we are going to talk about in this blog is a really good visualisation technique to improve your confidence. It is something you can do at home, five minutes a day that will transform the way you think about your golf.

Firstly you need to get yourself relaxed, so have a few deep breaths and close your eyes.

It is important to build the picture first and uses ALL your senses; imagine the first tee, you’re walking up to the first tee, feel your legs moving, the weight of your bag, you can see your mates, hear the crunch of the gravel, smell the freshly cut grass, taste the coffee on your tongue as you take a sip.

And now on the tee…

Now you’re on the tee, as above, hear, see, feel, smell, taste everything, from you putting your bag down, getting a ball out your bag, teeing it up.

From this point, I’d like you to imagine yourself feeling confident, standing tall!

Go through your routine and picture a pure, high drive down the middle. (Be realistic with this, there is no point imagining a shot you can’t hit!).

Feel yourself being confident as you stand to the ball and feel a really good swing, hear and feel the connection with the ball. Imagine seeing your shot flying into the middle of the fairway – your friends saying “shot”….no first tee nerves here!

The more times you do this, you brain will think its real, believe it has actually happened! So when you come to do it for real, your brain believes you can hit a good shot, in fact, it won’t expect anything else.

Give it time and be patient….

First time you try this you may find it is not overly effective, but visualisation is a skill that you need to work at.

As I said, five minutes a day is all it will take and over a week or two the images will become more and more vivid and real. The more real the image, the better for helping improve your first tee nerves and building your confidence.

So FIVE minutes while you’re waiting for the bus, FIVE minutes a day not using Facebook – do some visualisation and start nailing those first tee shots!

By Andy Clissold – My Story…

Saturday, April 18th, 2015

We asked you the members to share your TSG ( stories with us. Here it’s the turn of Richard Adinolfi to tell us about his TSG experience. Richard joined TSG in December 2013. – My Story… - My story by Richard Adinolfi – My Story by Richard Adinolfi means more to me than just playing golf. It started as therapy of sort and developed into an addiction.

In December 2013 I lost my father and I needed a release from the moment. I decided to throw myself into playing golf. Four hours of fresh air and a stroll in the countryside would take my mind of events.

The problem was I had nobody to play with.

My friends were spread far and wide over London and I had little interest in joining a club. My experiences of playing private clubs as a visitor were never good enough for me to part with hard earned cash.

I was a member of another golfing community website but could not find anyone to play with, until someone on that very site suggested The Social Golfer.

I took a look and saw frequent games being posted in the Essex area so I signed up.

Truth be told, I was not really expecting much but thought it was worth a shot (excuse the pun). – My Story (What happened next?)…

Hesitantly, I attended my first Epping Bandit game in January 2014 at Toot Hill Golf Club. I was immediately made to be feel welcome, despite having to sit across from Howard Davis at breakfast. Not a pleasant sight for anyone but one of which I have become accustomed.

The first few games I played were about getting to know the people I was playing alongside and enjoying playing golf on a regular basis. However, what was first a decision to get out and get fresh air and a bit of exercise quickly turned into a need to improve my game as much as possible. I signed up for as many games as I could at as many different courses as possible.

I had initially given myself a modest 24 handicap but wanted to bring this down as much as possible. Unfortunately an attitude, not shared by many but that is a discussion for another day!!!

Without The Social Golfer I would probably still be sitting at home watching golf on TV thinking “I wish I played more golf”, whereas now, I sit at home watching golf thinking “If I can just cut my handicap by a few more strokes, I’ll be as good as Tiger”….

The Social Golfer was there when I needed it. It is one of my first ports of call when I turn on the computer in the morning just hoping for those magic emails that say “a new game has been posted in your area”.

I sit here now in front of my computer having played 60 times in just over a year at 40 different courses. My handicap has come down from 24 to 16. I have travelled to France and Spain with the Epping Bandits, learnt some valuable Yiddish and have met many people whom I now consider friends.

I owe all of that to The Social Golfer!


Live Chat with CNN…

Sunday, April 5th, 2015
LIVE Chat with CNN and Gary Player

LIVE Chat with CNN at 7pm UK time

On the eve of the Masters, has been invited to join an exclusive live chat with CNN at our new golf social hub, The Clubhouse

Yes, that’s right CNN is inviting the TSG community to participate in our exciting live event.

Our Live Chat with CNN…

Join the CNN Sport team along with special guests: three-time Masters champion and golfing legend Gary Player, CNN’s own Living Golf host Shane O’Donoghue as well as Rob Hodgetts, editor and journalist of

The theme for the chat is focused around How DO you become an Augusta champion?”

Over the course of an hour, we’ll discuss who’s on track to take this year’s green jacket: will it be an old hand with experience of the course providing a strong foundation for the victory or perhaps a rookie ready to make a name for themselves?

The CNN live chat will also explore topics around the tournament like what’s next for Tiger, longer courses, the importance of your caddy and returning after injury. Our experts will also be on hand to answer questions and share their experiences — so if you’ve got a question, don’t be shy!

How do TSGers join in?

Just send your questions in advance, tweet us using the hashtag #CNNLivingGolf or by visiting The Clubhouse and leaving your question in the comment box….

Then log in to the Clubhouse on Monday, April 6th at 7pm UK time (2pm EST) to participate in the live chat as it happens. It’s going to be fun and we hope to see some of TSG community joining us!

Following the live event, we’ll be featuring the conversation on Hope to see you ALL there.

Happy Golfing! reviews…

Saturday, April 4th, 2015 reviews reviews

Obviously, we here at TSG HQ think we have a great website but what do other people think?

Here are just some of reviews that have been sent to us by you the members…

After years of playing golf irregularly on pay and play courses, I discovered TSG, my golfing life changed overnight! I now play as often as I like, on courses I could not have previously imagined, with a great bunch of new mates…best thing I ever did! Alan Haywood , Essex – Handicap 15

Due to my job having irregular hours, TSG has allowed me to play when my normal golf buddies aren’t around. I’ve met lots of like minded golfers and played many new courses. I have yet to meet anyone who I wouldn’t want to play golf with again and my wife even checks it now to see when I am playing – TSG is definitely the site to join!” John West, Surrey – Handicap 19

“I became a Social Golfer at the London Golf Show in Nov 2011 and I have really enjoyed discovering new courses, making new friends, taking advantages of special offers & learning golfing tips. Although male golfers are in majority, I would encourage women golfers of any standard to take an active part in this  friendly golfing community – I cannot imagine my golfing life without TSG now! Brigitte Lockwood, London – Handicap 28

“As a beginner, I found TSG to be a great way of learning the game – think Facebook for Golfers!” Lyndon Samuel, Suffolk – Handicap 24


Some more of reviews…

In January 2015, we conducted a Members survey in order to understand more about how you the members use the site and what you would like to see improved. We expect to publish these results in April 2015 but until then, here are some of the things you said about us.

 “A wonderful way to join up with other golfers who love their golf and enjoy playing different courses”

“I like the buzz of meeting all nationalities and enjoying the day”

Easy atmosphere with like minded golfers”

“No nonsense, easy to use website”

“Every aspect of golf you can think of in one site”

“A great way to play golf and different courses and enjoy a great bunch”

“The way forward, freedom, choice, opens your horizons”

“If you are not a member of a club – join!”

“A fitting community to use the The Social Golfer name”

“A Place to meet different people, play different courses – a must for all golfers!!

“A well organised and friendly way to join or organise golf games especially for non club members”

“An ideal way to meet new people, play different courses and enjoy more golf…”

“As a female player, I like to know with posted games, if it’s mixed or single sex.”

“A great place to socialise, meet new people, in a non-cliquey environment!”


And finally, our personal favourite from all reviews to date….


“As far as I am aware, there is nothing else like it!”