If I ran The Social Golfer...
If I ran The Social Golfer…

Dear TSGers,

Ever asked yourself what you would do if you ran The Social Golfer website? We’ll today are we launching a competition whereby YOU the user can play ‘The Social Golfer Developer’ for the day!

Yep, this is YOUR chance to tell us what changes or additions YOU would like to have made to the site and if affordable (and possible) you will see your idea implemented on the system.

Give us your BIG Idea …

Over the years, we have added many TSG members ideas to the pages including:

The TSG Newsletters

The Preferred Course List

Tee Time booking facility

The TSG Newsblog

In recent weeks, we have had a number of suggestions including adding a calendar facility to keep track of games played outside the TSG site, to a suggestion to add a ‘Reply all’ button on the social golfer email system to organising a TSG Night Golf event.

However, we are looking for the BIG idea …

Please submit your ideas in no more than 250 words to theteam@thesocialgolfer.com

Deadline for entries is 30th November at Midnight, the winner will be announced in 1st Jan 2015.

So, get your thinking caps on TSGers ….

Happy Golfing!


Ian & The TSG Team