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Tennis Elbow

As an active member of, I spend the majority of my weekends playing golf and as a qualified Physiotherapist, I spend a lot of time discussing fellow members golfing injuries – and occasionally treating at whichever club we are at!

As such,  I thought it might be good to get some information out to everyone, as I’m sure picking up any golfing injury is very frustrating.

Not only does it prevent you from enjoying your golf but at worst, stops you from playing …. however, don’t despair that your personal best score could be just around the corner!

It may surprise you that the most common golfing injuries I see in the clinic are not in fact Golfers Elbow (Medial Epicondylitis) but Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis). This is followed closely by Shoulder and Back pain, which is more expected.

This is followed closely by Shoulder and Back pain, which is more expected.

Golfing Injuries – What are Golfers and Tennis Elbow?

As the medical Latin name suggests, the pain is situated around the Epicondyle, which is the knobbly bony bit (very technical) that you can feel on both the outside and inside your elbow and where, if you suffer from it, the pain will be situated.

In between this and the main point of your elbow is where the tendons sit.

Tendons are like pulleys and levers and are the main load barring structure in any joint. So, as you can imagine, the amount of strain that goes through it during a golf swing will cause irritation.

As you get older, these tendons begin to wear and become more irritated, so the more you play, the more it can become inflamed.

Golfing Injuries – What can you do if you get this type of pain?

There are a number of methods out there that are discussed and bandied around.

However, after seeing probably around 5,000 of these things, I feel well placed to suggest my method is most effective!

You can try ultrasound, acupuncture, and strengthening exercises, all of which have some use, however, they need to be used in conjunction with Manual Therapy.

As one TSG member Colin Samuels, would testify, this is agony but clears the pain in the session.

Under normal circumstances, I would expect four sessions to be effective, as part of a full management strategy.

I would work into the tissues and areas that are affected (the sore part) and then give you a tailored management plan to ensure you are pain-free.

Golfing Injuries – Will you need an injection or surgery?

In all my years of being qualified, I have NEVER had to send a single patient for an elbow injection for any form of golfing injury (yet!).

I feel very strongly that these should always be a last resort and am confident that our approach to treatment can avoid this.

Although I do perform injections myself, I always try to avoid it where possible, as the side effects and outcomes are not always great.

Golfing Injuries – Where can I go to get treatment?

I work for a company called Physioworld, which has clinics all over the UK.

If you would like to speak to me about treatment in one of our 200 clinics or if you would just some advice, please call me on 07768 865 089 or email me at

By Ben Fykin