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Lake Balls – How are they retrieved?

Friday, March 4th, 2016

For a guy who doesn’t play golf (or even one who does), the retrieval of ‘Lake Balls’ is somewhat of a mystery!

So in order to find out, The Social Golfer asked leading Lake Balls provider Scott Phillips of Premier Lake Balls, how it’s done…

Lake Balls – The Collection

Premier Lake Balls DiverFirstly, let’s start with the basics – this should never be undertaken without professional supervision.

Water on the golf course isn’t just a hazard to those playing, it can be laced with chemicals, laden with bacteria that can cause lockjaw and a plethora of other infections.

And of course, in some countries, they are home to snapping turtles, poisonous snakes and alligators.

So think again before diving in head first to retrieval your ball, following a wayward shot.

Whilst many may assume there is some wizard tech machine used to collect the Lake Balls, it’s much more lightly that it will be a ‘frogman‘ or in today’s parlance ‘A certified Scuba Diver‘.

In some quarters, and especially those working in the industry, these Lake Balls are often referred to as  ‘white gold’.

Although we wouldn’t use a sieve to find them… it’s basically a simple process of diving to the depths.

And given the hazards stated above, it no surprise that we lose between 3-5 divers a year (on average), paying with their life!

Lake Balls – The Numbers

As with many things in life, one man’s loss is another man’s gain, and there are many divers livelihoods that hinge on the misfortunes of the golfer.

Of the estimated 100 million missing golf balls recovered each year, in various countries, roughly three times as many never get found.

However, around 2.5 million make their way into Premier Lake Balls warehouse.

As they arrive in their pallets, awaiting their next chance to play, these Lake Balls are processed in massive ball washers, that are able to accommodate 20,000 balls a time.

Lake Balls – The Cleaning/Grading

Processing at this point is pretty quick. Once washed and dried, the grading starts.

This is the labour intensive part, as ensuring we grade the Lake Balls to the highest standard ready for resale on the website is paramount.

With this done, we can then start pricing and tagging by size, brand, and/or range.

And with new ball prices having continued to climb in recent years, more and more golfers now prefer to purchase 2nd hand Lake Balls.

Which is not only good for your pocket but also on the environment.

Often many of our balls look like new, once cleaned” Said Scott.

Premier Lake Balls

Lake Balls – The Cost

Given the labour cost in this retrieval process, there very small margins to be made but each ball represents a small profit to both the retriever and the supplier.

However, there is a profit to be made in ‘quantity’ and with the lake balls retrieval market continuing to grow, there is a happy future ahead for the industry.

Ask any traditional golf ball retailer about Lake Balls and they’ll  tell you that any ball pulled from a pond is an inferior product.

Sorry, but that is a thing of past with the introduction of surlyn covers (replacing balata balls) as this do not deteriorate in water and they perform exactly the same as a newly boxed ball, that is three times the price.

In short, buying used Lake Balls via a respected retailer such as Premier Lake Balls, will not only save you money at a time of economic uncertainty but it could also save the planet.

Thanks Scott, who knew!


By Ian Mullins

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Peter Alliss returns to St.Mellion…

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

Peter Alliss, the legendary ‘Voice of Golf’ will be making a welcome return to St Mellion in April to help celebrate the 40th anniversary of the iconic Cornish Golf resort…

Crown Golf February Offer

Crown Golf February Offer

As part of the 40th Anniversary celebrations taking place throughout 2016 on Friday 29th April, St Mellion are hosting “An Evening with Peter Alliss” where he will relay some golfing anecdotes of his time as a top class golfer, his 40-years as the ‘Voice of Golf’ and of course, a few memories from his visits to St Mellion.

Alliss said, “Having spent many happy hours at St Mellion, both playing and working for the BBC, it’s with great anticipation that I look forward to revisiting and meeting up with old friends and having a very enjoyable evening to celebrate 40 wonderful years of golf”.

Peter Alliss’s first of many visits to St Mellion was in the late 1980’s when the Bond Brothers had the vision to contact the greatest ever golfer, Jack Nicklaus, and asked him to design a world-class golf course.

In 1987, the Jack Nicklaus Signature Course was officially opened to rave reviews with a unique ‘USA versus Great Britain’ match that pitted four multi Major winning golfing Legends.

For the USA the course designer Jack Nicklaus was accompanied by Tom Watson, playing against the British duo of Nick Faldo & Sandy Lyle.

This match was broadcast by the BBC Golf and was so successful it was played again the following year.

After playing the golf course for the first time, Nicklaus was so proud of the golf course he created he was quoted “potentially St Mellion is the finest golf course in Europe”.

In 1990, the first of six Benson & Hedges International Opens were played on the Nicklaus Course, all of which were broadcast live by the BBC with Peter Alliss at the helm in the commentary box.

These tournaments proved to be a great showcase for the golf course, with so many people watching all over the UK getting a chance to view so many unique and beautiful holes.

During those six years some of golf’s greatest ever players including Seve Ballesteros, Jose Maria Olazabal and Bernhard Langer played down the famous 18th finishing hole to win the prestigious European Tour event.

David Moon Golf Manager at St Mellion said, “We are delighted to be welcoming Peter Alliss back to St Mellion, the BBC and the wonderful commentaries of Peter Alliss were instrumental in getting St Mellion on the golfing map. Many of our Members, who are still here today, were such an integral part of those tournaments and they are delighted to have a true golfing icon here, to join with them to celebrate 40 very memorable years”.

St Mellion has continued to be a “golfing mecca” with a thriving Golf Membership and a new 4* star Hotel, Health Club and Spa, which attracts visitors from around the UK and abroad.

The accolades have also continued to be bestowed for both the golf course and the resort….

The Nicklaus Course is regularly featured in the Top 100 and has won “Best golf course in the West of England” on numerous occasions and the Resort has won Large Hotel of the Year and The South West Golf Resort awards.

Crown Golf February Offer

Crown Golf – Christmas Golf Offer….

Tuesday, November 17th, 2015
Crown Golf Christmas Golf Offers

Crown Golf Christmas Golf Offers

We can almost hear the sleigh bells ringing as the Christmas season arrives on our doorsteps and here’s one Christmas Golf Offer ‘yule’ love!

Crown Golf – Christmas Golf Offer…

With many working people taking their Christmas holiday from around the 20th of December, groups of golfers meet up for their annual Christmas Golf Day.

Not only is the Christmas period a fantastic period to play golf and socialise with friends and family, but Crown Golf offer some of the best Golf Day packages to cater for all abilities.

Across the 23 clubs, you can choose between a quick 9 hole golf day to a winter warming 3-course meal and 27 holes down on the South coast.

To help us all get into the Christmas spirit, Crown Golf are offering a free Odyssey #7 with any golf day booked and played between now and December 31st 2015.

Perhaps, Ffeature this fantastic prize on your display table to round off the perfect golf day at Crown Golf!

Crown Golf – Christmas Golf Offer – Why Us…

If you haven’t organised this year’s friendly get together yet, make sure you take a look at one of the Crown courses before the putters run out. Operating 23 golf clubs across eight counties, Crown Golf proudly offers some of the finest individual golfing holes, clubhouses and practice facilities….

Crown Golf Club Finder

So, whether you are a 28 handicapper or an ex-Pro, their courses provide a challenge for all ages and abilities, creating the perfect golf day environment.

Why choose Crown Golf –  Christmas Golf Offer…

– They take the time to understand your individual requirements and creating bespoke golf days to fulfil your budget

– They will organise and coordinate your golf day from original enquiry to your dining activities leaving you to focus on your own golf game

– Fantastic facilities including; private bar areas, driving ranges, practice areas and free car parking

– Freshly prepared food each day

– Free wi-fi

Remember, the putters are only available until they run out which won’t be long!

Crown Golf Christmas Golf Offers


Golf Insurance … Do I need it?

Monday, August 4th, 2014
Golf Insurance Online

As many TSGers know, Golf Insurance is one of those things we have all talked about at some time or another but rarely do anything about?

We here at TSG HQ have spent the last few months researching the why and wherefores of this industry and after much research, we have finally settled on a recommendation for us all ….

From 1st August 2014, all TSGers will be able to purchase this comprehensive insurance at 10% below the advertised rates.

Why do we need Golf Insurance?

No matter how many years you have been playing golf, accidents do happen and it’s surprising just how many accidents do occur on a golf course, around the clubhouse or on your way to the course…

With so many golf balls being sprayed around at upwards of 100 miles an hour, at thousands of courses every day, it’s surprising we don’t hear of more fatal or costly injuries!

In addition, there is a probable chance that if you do cause an accident, you will be potentially hit with a liability claim could also evolve from this enjoyable sport.

As such, more and more golfers are seeking peace of mind by having golf insurance in place.

And in this world of ‘litigation’ and ‘ambulance chasing’, it is all the more important to ensure you are covered when you step out onto a golf course.

Saying  the risk of being injured is just ‘part of the game’ (which unfortunately it is not) is no longer an option and you have to accept the consequences in a society, where people will make every effort to pursue a claim if an injury has occurred.

Some might say there is also a ‘moral requirement’ to having such cover in place.

Can you imagine hitting a fellow TSGers with a golf ball?

Having good golf insurance would make the situation, much more calming for both parties concerned.

Don’t take our word for it, here is the details of a case that recent took place in Ireland …

Woman sues golfer after being hit by golf ball and suffers a stroke


So what are the options available through Golf Insurance Online?

Silver – Cover up to £1,000 for golf equipment, up to 90 days European Cover, Personal liability up to £5,000,000, Personal accident up to £25,000, Accidental damage up to £2,500, ‘Hole in One’ cover up to £150.  

Prices starting from £24.99

Gold – Cover up to £2,500 for golf equipment, up to 90 days European Cover, Personal liability up to £5,000,000, Personal accident up to £30,000, Accidental damage up to £2,500, ‘Hole in One’ cover up to £300.

Prices starting from £34.99

Platinum – Cover up to £5,000 for golf equipment, up to 90 days European Cover, Personal liability up to £5,000,000, Personal accident up to £50,000, Accidental damage up to £2,500, ‘Hole in One’ cover up to £500.

Prices starting from £44.99


Why are TSG recommending Golf Insurance Online?

Golf Insurance Online are a small family business and very pro-active. They offer a selection of comprehensive covers to support all budgets As such we have decided to enter into a partnership with them.

– They insure your golf clubs, golf bag, trolley and your golf clothing
– They also protect you with our Personal Liability and Personal Accident cover – against any third party damage
– Includes European or Worldwide cover
– Don’t use fancy marketing techniques to draw you in
– They are golfers themselves!


Finally, it’s worth pointing out that TSG makes NO COMMISSIONS on ANY transactions between our members and Golf Insurance Online. This discount has been negotiated on your behalf as part of ALL TSGers in our community!

In order to claim your DISCOUNT, please go to GolfInsuranceOnline and  use the following code when purchasing: TSG102014

Or visit

If you require any further information on our policies or this offer, please do not hesitate to contact Sergio on 01903 209903


With over 30 years experience in the insurance industry, we provide travel, medical screening insurance, wedding insurance, airline failure insurance, gadget insurance, vehicle breakdown insurance and car and home insurance.

At Golf Insurance Online we pride ourselves on service and competitive prices, without compromising cover.

Our aim is to always provide quality insurance at amazing prices. is a trading style of Insure for travel Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

FCA Register number 458950

By Ian Mullins